In English

This blog is in Swedish only, as you probably didn’t miss. And it contains mostly personal stuff, to do with family, opinions, politics or just assorted raves and ramblings at my own whim.

twt-amp98.jpgFor the hypothetical international visitor, I do also keep a blog in English. It is by no means a translation of the entries in here, though on occation there might be the odd exception to that rule. I’ll try to keep it general eventually, but for now it’s mostly a log of the progress, or lack thereof, making the Sauna Tapes album during Feb. 2008.

If you are curious about my musical activities, you’re quite welcome to stroll over to, the home of my music. You can stream music, download stuff, read lyrics, make comments or just generally keep yourself informed about the goings on in the musical world of the Strummin’ Dude.